Welcome to clotheArt, where fashion meets artistry to create exquisite and inspiring clothing pieces that speak volumes. Founded by Petrescu Radu-Tiberiu, clotheArt is a labor of love driven by a passion for delivering exceptional artistry in every stitch.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to craft qualitative end products that not only adorn your body but also ignite your spirit. Our clothing transcends mere fashion; each piece is a canvas, an embodiment of creativity, and an expression of beauty. Our designs stand as a testament to our commitment to artistry and the belief that clothing should be more than just functional – it should be a work of art.


At clotheArt, we take immense joy in ensuring your happiness and comfort. Our pieces are not merely garments; they are an extension of your personality, a reflection of your unique style. Our goal is to see you radiate confidence and joy when you wear our creations. Whether it's a casual T-shirt, a stylish pair of pants, a cozy hoodie, a versatile tote bag, or an adventurous duffle bag, each piece is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to inspire and delight.

We are more than just a clothing store; we are your creative partner. Our commitment to exceptional customer support means that we are readily accessible to you throughout your shopping journey. Need a custom order? No problem. We thrive on turning your visions into reality. Embroidery, unique colors, different sizes – your desires drive our innovation.

Quality is the cornerstone of clotheArt. We meticulously source materials and collaborate with skilled artisans to ensure that every thread, every stitch, and every design detail meets our exacting standards. When you choose clotheArt, you choose enduring quality that stands the test of time.

As we continue to evolve, our dedication to artistic integrity remains unwavering. Our future plans include expanding our artistic portfolios and diversifying our clothing articles, ensuring that your connection with art remains as vibrant and diverse as your personality.
Thank you for joining us on this artistic journey. Your exploration of our website will reveal the depth of our passion, the beauty of our designs, and the personalized experience we offer. Connect with us through our Contact page for inquiries, collaborations, or just to say hello. Let's embrace the art of fashion together at clotheArt.

     For additional details about products or the way clotheArt is providing services, please check the Terms of Service page.

Radu-Tiberiu Petrescu - Founder



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